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I'm Hamlet M. 

Founder and Creator



and GOCREATIVE Programs.

First, I am a proud 2x cancer survivor, musician, book author, multimedia fine artist, photographer, graphic designer, father of two, proactive visionary.

Life lover.

Having thirty years experience as a Artist, Photographer, Graphic Designer and Art Director; and nearly twenty years of teaching Spanish to adults and then working with kids for the past seventeen years, I strongly believe in the wonderful opportunities for languages, the Arts and Wellness. That’s why I have dedicated my life to the fulfillment of a dream of promoting bilingual education through Art, Music and Culture.

In 2001, I stopped working as an Art Director for a company called and I started working with kids teaching them Spanish on a full-time basis. I created a program I called vamostodos (Everybody Lets Go), and years later the GoCreative Programs that serves a compliment to the Spanish programs.

This came in response to the interest and need of parents I knew  and wanted to have their children learn languages in a practical way and yet in creative environment, and not just as another activity but as a long lasting educational experience as well.

Therefore I went from Private Home Tutoring to working with public and private schools for Pre-K through 8th Grades as part of their daily curriculum, after school programs, enrichment programs, daycares, preschools and some local bookstores,  and hospitals here in Chicago, IL and some of its suburbs.

Now after making a difference for the past seventeen years, by teaching Spanish through art and music, creating curriculum development, and after having worked with an incredible variety of students of all ages (from babies to grandparents), as well as with some wonderful educators, musicians and artists I have met through the years, my dream and heartfelt vision is to be able to collaborate further.

I currently provide Spanish and English based Programs in Chicago and Winnetka; and provide bilingual consultation and subbing to Old Town School of Folk Music Hola Wiggleworms programs.  

In all, I teach 56 classes per week to over 400 children.

Finally after years of thinking about it I am working on my first CD in a series of many, youtube channel and webinar content, so stay tuned for this.  

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